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No amount of data will ever be useful if you don’t have proper integration, preparation and analytics. Pentaho, a Hitachi Vantara product, offers the tools to do just that. Its data integration tools give companies all the robust ETL capabilities they need to prepare any type of data for the next step. Once properly packaged, Pentaho’s pipeline passes this information on to its business analytics suite, where you can extract the insights necessary to empower your organization.

Why choose Pentaho?


Whether you prefer the flexibility of open-source or an enterprise licence, Pentaho provides the solution. You can choose an open-source format, which allows you to try out the software on a small scale and is free. Or you can opt for the enterprise version, which you buy but has the added security of guaranteed Pentaho support.


Larger user bases benefit as Pentaho is positioned to offer an excellent pricing model to companies with many users.

One platform for entire pipeline

Choosing Pentaho means choosing a platform that covers your data analytics pipeline from A to Z. From prepping your data in its data integration tool to analysing this information, Pentaho speeds up everything to rapidly uncover real-time insights that enhance business outcomes.


Some people prefer the cloud, while others like to keep some things on-premises. Available as a cloud or on-prem tool, Pentaho gives you the flexibility to select what works best for you, including hybrid configurations.


Our Pentaho services

As a Pentaho partner, Utensio has developed services to help you unlock the full potential of the business analytics suite. We provide advice on strategy and implementation so that you get the most out of Pentaho in all your data efforts and AI projects.


After analysis, we map the different data objects and relationships to work out the best flow into Pentaho. This is the first step in creating your new data pipeline.


Whether you choose to go open-source or enterprise, we help you seamlessly migrate existing infrastructure to Pentaho.


With data spread across so many systems, a single repository is essential to any modern data project. We look at how best to set up your data warehouse for use with Pentaho, using either software from our partner Snowflake or software of your own choice.


We prepare or help you prepare your data by using Pentaho’s ETL services, either the open-source tool Kettle or its enterprise counterpart Pentaho Data Integration (PDI).


Through its Data Integration platform, Pentaho supports business analytics on various NoSQL and Big Data technologies. Moreover, its adaptive Big Data layer lets you merge data from Hadoop, Spark, Google Cloud, Hortonworks and others. If that sounds like a lot of work, don’t worry, Utensio is here to help you integrate Pentaho in your next big data project.


Want to enhance your products with the analytical capabilities of Pentaho? We’ll help you seamlessly integrate the software suite into your IT products and have happier customers as a result.

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