Collecting, transforming and using
your business data

Data is the new oil. On that most businesses agree. Much like oil, your data needs to be refined to be valuable. Utensio provides data strategy, tools and expertise to do just that. With a data platform that includes a cloud-native data warehouse, robust ETL functionalities, data integration and more, we help you unlock the insights hidden in your company’s data. Your data will be prepared, packaged and ready to load into analytics and BI tools, or be used in your AI projects.

Why choose Utensio?


Get the most out of your data without the need for a total system redesign. Plug your existing tools into one repository and tap into them for analytics and other data projects in the most cost-friendly way.

Many sources, one repository

CRM, ERP, document storage and more – your data is spread widely. We gather the data from disparate sources and collect it in one repository, clean it and make sure it’s ready to be used.


Our long-standing history of business intelligence and analytics has taught us one thing: we know how data needs to look to be useful. Our expertise can help you optimize and format your data so that it has the biggest impact possible, as well as perfect your data strategy.


Discover our cloud-first data platform. With a cloud-native data warehouse, you can make sure your data is accessible everywhere and reap all the benefits the cloud offers. Prefer to keep some things on-prem? Then we would be happy to create a hybrid set-up for you.

What we do

Data strategy

You have data and know that it holds a lot of potential for your business. Whether you want to be more efficient, look for new business opportunities, develop new products, or aim to improve existing services, we help you design the strategy to get there. Our experts use their many years’ experience in BI and analytics to create a plan that works for you.


Your projects may require data expertise in-house. However, recruitment requires a significant amount of investment and might not be a priority for you. We can help you out by providing one of our experts part-time or full-time through outsourcing, giving you the expertise you need without the recruitment effort.


You already have a bunch of bright people in your team, but maybe they could use more knowledge on data management or transformation to support your data efforts. We provide training programmes on a number of subjects, so you can add that expertise to your team without hiring. After all, never change a winning team.

Happy customers

Our preferred partners

To give you the best possible platform for your data, Utensio has partnered with Snowflake and Pentaho to provide you a cloud-native data warehouse and robust ETL functionalities. We believe the amazing functionalities of these applications will make any data project a success. Would you rather work with other tools? We have expertise and certifications in a wide range of other software to help you with whatever configuration you choose.

Logo Snowflake


Snowflake provides a cloud-native data warehouse to store all your information in a structured or semi-structured way.



Pentaho offers a wide range of business intelligence applications. With robust ETL capabilities, data integration and analytics tools, it’s a one-stop-shop for data projects.

How can we help?

Curious about where to start with your data strategy? Or do you have questions about data, Snowflake or Pentaho? Contact us now. We’re here to help.